The No-Deodorant Debate

Are you brave enough to go bare?


What Age Do People Find Most Attractive?

OKCupid's founder crunched the numbers to find out. Plus, the happiest place on earth, and how researchers say there's some truth to the adage "happy wife, happy life" after all.

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How Much Should You Spill About Your Relationship?

Why you shouldn't pull a Mindy Lahiri with your guy.

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6 Active Ways to Fight Ovarian Cancer

Support Ovarian Cancer Awareness month with these fit and stylish initiatives to combat the deadly disease.

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How the Change of Seasons Impacts Your Mood

Fall may mean pumpkin spice lattes and foliage—but we look into what cooler temps mean for your mind, sleep, and mood.

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Kerry Washington Speaks Out About Financial Abuse

Abuse takes on many different forms. But money can play a larger role than many realize. Here, what you need to know.

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Miss Haiti's Inspirational Message to Women

Find out what newly crowned beauty queen and entrepreneur Carolyn Desert has to say to women around the world.

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6 Tips for Buying Fall Produce

Knowing what size, texture, or color to look for will help you pick the perfect fruits and vegetables every time.

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