Lululemon Bag Advises Not to Wear Sunscreen

The yoga-gear company is in hot water again, this time due to doling out questionable medical advice.

47 and Strong As Ever

National Pro Grid League athlete Amy Mandelbaum proves age is nothing when it comes to being competitive in sports.

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The Dirtiest Thing You Touch Every Day

The results of this new study will shock you. Or just make you think twice about what you touch.

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The No-Brush Experiment

Find out what happened when 6 beauty editors stopped brushing their hair for an entire week.

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7-Minute Bikini Body Yoga

Feel awesome and rock your 2-piece thanks to this routine that targets your abs and butt.

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Pin-Worthy Summer Dishes You Can Actually Make

These no-fail recipes don’t only look good—they’re also healthy, bursting with fresh seasonal flavor, and easy to replicate!

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Collarbone Contouring: The Latest Beauty Trend?

Experts weigh in on the talked about makeup technique. What is it—and should you try it?

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U.K. Store Offers Recorded Fitting Room Compliments

Shop at this retailer, and you can hear how great your butt looks in those jeans. Will this idea catch on state-side?

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