The Freshest Looks from the Latest Topshop x Adidas Originals Collaboration

Iconic Adidas classics like the tracksuit are re-imagined in the new sporty-chic capsule collection launching at Topshop this week.

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The Body-Altering Effects of Alcohol

Before heading to a bar, use this infographic to brush up on the short- and long-term effects of alcohol and booze responsibly.

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Edible Flowers Are the New Juicing Craze

Women can not live on kale alone.

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Find Your Green Thumb!

A pro gardener shares her tips for garden planning, so even beginners can reap the rewards of tasty home-grown food.

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Shapewear Is Raising Serious Health Concerns

Spanx might not kill you, but wearing waist training corsets and compression garments can seriously compromise your body.

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Get Guns Like Shaun T

Er, or maybe just a more toned top half. We've got the celeb trainer's most effective arm-strengthening exercises.

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Is Yerba Mate the New "It" Superfood?

The latest food trend claims to speed up your metabolism, aid digestion, and boost your energy even more than your trusted cup of coffee can.

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5 Easy Heart Rate Monitors Without a Chest Strap

The days of needing a chest strap for an accurate read are over. These gadgets can track your heart rate, no torso band required.

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Master This Move: Plyo Pushup

Tone your whole body, fire up fast twitch muscle fibers for fat burning, and look like a total badass in the gym.

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