How Long Can You Go Without The Gym Before Your Fitness Levels Suffer?

Sure, you're busy, but you may rethink skipping workouts after you hear how quickly your body reverts back to its unfit state.

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8 Surprising Things Affecting Your Sex Life

Not everything goes down between the sheets. These science-backed reasons could explain why you’re getting busy (or not).

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The Better-than-Takeout Thai Veggie Salad to Make Tonight

Swap your go-to greens for crunchy veggies in this Thai-inspired salad with a creamy peanut dressing.

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Healthy Holiday Boozing Tips—from Your Bartender

Hear them out! Their advice can help you survive any upcoming parties on your iCal.

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Tone On-The-Go With These 8 Resistance Band Exercises

Forget the gym: This total-body routine sculpts with just one piece of equipment.

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Ditch the Tights This Winter

The cruelest reality of holiday dressing? Wearing skirts in the dead of winter. Find out how to deal.

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The Best Way to Fuel Your Run or Ride

Which is better for endurance exercise: real food, gels and goo, or something in between?

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Is Fitspo Bad For Women's Body Image?

Fitspiration is supposed to motivate you, but some kinds may be harmful! Find out which images will actually make you feel better.

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