No Time to Work Out? Do This 15-Minute Circuit

This series of quick exercises will tone your body fast, so you can get back your the holiday festivities.

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Single during the Holidays? This Buzzfeed Video Gets It

It's not showing up solo that sucks—it's your family's reaction to your single status.

10 Modern Takes on Holiday Songs to Soundtrack Your Workouts

Pump up your workouts or set the mood for a festive dance party with these 10 holiday tunes from Ariana Grande, Weezer, and more.

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10 Topics to Avoid at the Holiday Table

Global warming, Bill Cosby, and other subjects you should steer clear of at all costs.

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Go Ahead, Have that Glass of Red

There's now science to support what you already knew—that red wine can lower your stress levels.

3 Tips for a Phone-Free Get-Together

Tap into the health benefits of a digital detox by powering down during your next date, party, or hangout

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Can Activated Charcoal Detox Your Body?

The latest detox fad claims to remove toxins, prevent hangovers, and purify your body. But is there any truth to its promises?

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Sleep Soundly Despite Your In-Bed Tech Habit

The blue light emitted by your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV can trigger insomnia. Outsmart the problem with these three tips

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