Why Certain Women Orgasm More Than Others

And their secrets!

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The No Weights to Lose Weight Workout

Ditch the dumbbells, kettlebells, and cardio machines. All you need to fry fat is your own body and this quick routine!

8 Life Shake-Ups, Solved

Experts share their best advice for coping with transitions from marriage to moving so you can grow from—and not fear—these major milestones.

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Run Like an Elite Athlete!

Harness the experts' best tips and get ready to add a fast finish to your next 5K.

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Is Your Diet Ready for Fall?

As the seasons change, your body changes too. Be sure you stay at the top of your game with these eating tips.

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It’s Officially Okay to Pee in the Ocean

Finally, science has an answer for summer's most pressing concern.

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#AskHerMore: Questions We Wish Female Celebs Were Asked at the Emmy's

The movement that's causing a stir on Twitter and making us think twice about sexism on the red carpet.

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How Erin Andrews Got to the Top of Her Game

The stunning sportscaster reveals her strategy for staying cool on-camera, how she fits in workouts, and who's she really texting from the sidelines.

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