Sweet and Refreshing Raw Mango Bavarois

Use vanilla coconut cream in place of dairy for a light, satisfying tropical dessert.

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Yoga for "Inflexible" People

Flexibility is more in your mind than in your body, and these modified poses will help your body start stretching further.


New Anti-Bullying Ad Misses the Mark

VH1's commercial perpetuates the cycle of violence instead of stopping it and may leave you feeling uneasy.

The Best Time to Do Everything at Work

Increase energy, improve performance, and enhance interactions with colleagues with simple adjustments to your daily schedule.

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Mindy Kaling Goes Makeup-Free

The actress bares all for People's "Not a Drop of Makeup" feature and shares her advice for clear, flawless skin.

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Calling Obesity a Disease Leads to Unhealthy Habits

Almost a year after the “disease” label took effect, researchers say it’s having the reverse effect of what was intended.

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Olivia Wilde Welcomes Her Baby Boy into the World

Find out what the funny lady tweeted about her son, plus Jordin Sparks’ bikini body and Cameron Diaz’s latest health advice.

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Newlyweds, Beware: This Is When the Honeymoon Phase Ends

Disappointing new research shows that the white-hot passion at the start of a marriage has an expiration date.

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