Today's Tamron Hall: "If You Look at the Roadblocks, You'll Never See the Road"

How she prepared for a 48-hour journey with Bear Grylls, and her best advice for overcoming obstacles in any career.

What Takes Up 10 Hours of the Average Woman’s Day

We’re not talking about work—new data find we’re spending a ton of time doing this one thing.

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You Can Train Your Brain to Prefer Healthy Foods

How? Read on to kick bad food habits to the curb—for good!

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Got a Sex Question? Get the Answer Tonight!

Join our Twitter chat tonight at 10 p.m. EDT—nothing’s too awkward or embarrassing to ask, trust us!

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Researchers Discover the "New" G-Spot

The “spot” may actually be a whole orgasmic region waiting to be tapped. Find out more!

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Is This the Secret to Health and Happiness?

Healthy gut bacteria is linked to everything from improved immunity to a better mood. So how do you make sure your stomach's in good shape?

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4 Tan Things to Wear That Are Actually Cute

Just because Obama made a fashion faux pas doesn't mean you can't pull off taupe.

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The Job Title Companies Are Firing

And how to make yourself an asset no matter your rung on the totem pole!

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