Build Muscle at Home with DDP Yoga Moves

The newest workout plan from wrestling champion Diamond Dallas Page combines yoga, strength training, and cardio.

10 Easy Homemade Energy Bar Recipes

Why pay more for store-bought bars when you can make your own delicious ones at home?

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The Right Way to Track Meals Away from Home

Find out how to use your food diary apps next time you're eating at a restaurant.

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6 Ways to Clean Your Place Like a Germ Expert

When it comes to germs, chances are you're cleaning all wrong.

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8 Medicine Ball Exercises You Should Be Doing

Trade in your dumbbells for challenging medicine ball moves recommended by trainers across the country.

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Real Women Speak Out: Why Heavy Women Are Invisible

Six now-slim women talk honestly about how society treats overweight women—and how much it can hurt.

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10 Thrilling Races to Travel the World

Get that passport ready! From Paris to the Great Wall of China, these international marathons are worth training (and traveling!) for.

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How to Deal with a Horrible Boss

Why one study says fighting back (done the right way!) could actually be a good thing.

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What’s Up with Squirting?

We asked an ob-gyn to weigh in on the topic du jour in the sexual health world: female ejaculation.

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