16 Basic Toning Moves that Lead to Major Results

They may look basic, but when paired with the right exercise equipment, these exercises seriously strength train your arms, abs, core, and more.

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Master This Move: Backwards Sled Pull

This lesser-known fitness tool can help you get a super effective strength-plus-cardio workout.

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14 Sexy-Cool Sports Bras for Spring

From strappy backs to plunging necklines, the hottest new sports bras push the line between athleisure trends and functional fitness wear.

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We Tried a Group Treadmill Class (and It Was Hard!)

Our nutrition editor tests out her first-ever treadmill class at Barry's Bootcamp.

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The Art of Being an Awesome Race Spectator

According to @AliOnTheRun1, standing on the marathon sidelines is incredibly motivating when it comes to your race training.

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14 Foods You Should Avoid if You're Having Sex Tonight

It might taste good now, but you'll regret it once the candles are lit and the gas, bloating, and lowered libido set in.

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10 Reasons to Love Spring

The food tastes better, it’s easier to lose weight, the sex is hotter… These wellness perks will make you even more excited to come out of winter hibernation.

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France May Start Fining Skinny Models Up to $80K

Banning thin models could put us one step closer to a healthy cultural standard for weight.

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You’ll Never Believe Why the Police Are After This Jogger

We’re a little grossed out, a little impressed by his revealing stunt.

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