Alanna Nuñez

Alanna Nuñez is a writer and editor who lives in Brooklyn. She's worked in print, radio, and web, and has written about everything from Kate Middleton's fashion choices to the use of pesticides in rural Argentina. A recent graduate of the University of Missouri (go Tigers!), she's currently enjoying her time as the associate web editor at SHAPE mag, as well as writing about all things health- and lifestyle-related for various publications. When she's not writing or editing, she's salsa dancing, taking Zumba classes, and on a quest to experience each one of New York's different far, so good!

This week, we're reading about a new hybrid condom (yup, it could be a real thing!), why climate change might be bad for your health, a new reason to...

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Citing environmental concerns, Illinois has...

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It's the Bermuda Triangle of liquor: The amount of alcohol people report drinking doesn't even match up halfway with the amount of alcohol that's actually sold. So what gives?

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Olympic gold medalist and swimmer Amy Van Dyken Rouen has severed her spine in a horrific crash,...

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Korean food might be best known for its barbecued beef and pork dishes, but that doesn't mean it can't be healthy.

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Call 2014 the year of Melissa McCarthy.

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Raise your hands if you're so excited for the second-season premiere of Orange Is the New Black!

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If you need some new water-cooler chatter, look no further.

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When British resident and surrogate Tara Sawyer joked with the ...

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