Alanna Nuñez

Alanna Nuñez is a writer and editor who lives in Brooklyn. She's worked in print, radio, and web, and has written about everything from Kate Middleton's fashion choices to the use of pesticides in rural Argentina. A recent graduate of the University of Missouri (go Tigers!), she's currently enjoying her time as the associate web editor at SHAPE mag, as well as writing about all things health- and lifestyle-related for various publications. When she's not writing or editing, she's salsa dancing, taking Zumba classes, and on a quest to experience each one of New York's different far, so good!

There's no shortage of weight-loss supplements claiming to "burn" fat, but one in particular, ...

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These stars fully embrace a healthy lifestyle—a glass of wine or spirits included!
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We love the idea of making large-batch servings of our favorite smoothies or juices to save time in the morning, but how do you store...

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The next time you stop for your requisite dose of caffeine, you may want to swap out the iced coffee for a piping hot cup.

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You love wine. You love coffee. Put them together, and you wine?

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Here's your Friday-morning fitness inspiration: Alysia Montano, a former University of Southern California track star and five-time national champion,...

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Jon Stewart and friends on The Daily Show took a look on Wednesday at the way the U.S. handles sexual assault on college campuses—and they aced it.

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RIP. It took a while, but former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's large-soda ban is dead and gone.

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Biggest Loser trainer and Shape cover model Jillian Michaels will be leaving the popular weight-loss show. 

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Another week, another eyebrow-raising story that's caught our attention and made us say, "What?!" This week's links roundup includes some strange World Cup news, an interesting new...

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