Amanda MacMillan

Amanda MacMillan is a freelance health and science writer who has contributed to Shape, Runner's World, Real Simple,,,, and She's an Olympic- and Half-Iron-distance triathlete, half-marathoner, yogi, and aspiring surfer. When she's not road-tripping across the country, you'll find her at home in Brooklyn, hanging at a local beer bar, or in the park with her bulldog, Gus.

If Guardians of the Galaxy is on your must-watch list, skip the large popcorn.

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Scientists say they've figured out why elite sprinters are so much faster than the rest of us mere mortals, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the donuts we ate for breakfast....

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A recent survey out of the U.K.

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Trying to muster up the strength to finish one more set of core work? Tell yourself that everybody else is doing it.

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If your office vending machine stocked more nutritious offerings, would you visit it more often?

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A lifelong athlete, Danielle Sidell dabbled in several fitness arenas before she found her calling in a CrossFit box.

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We're big fans of any trendy new fitness routine that's backed by science, but the "latest and greatest" rules about how to burn the most calories or tone up fastest can be confusing—not...

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There aren't many professional female athletes competing at the top of their game while also raising two teenagers—and even fewer doing it in their late 40s.

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Back in November, America watched in horror as gold-medal skier Lindsey Vonn crashed during a practice run,...

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It used to be, if you wanted to run a race, you signed up for a regular old 5K or half marathon.

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