Ashley Ross

Ashley Ross works as an assistant web editor at SHAPE Magazine, where she writes, Tweets and Pins about all things fitness, food, beauty and more. As a former gymnast and competitive weightlifter, she loves every form of exercise and is always up for trying a new workout. She was previously on staff at Marie Claire and her work has appeared in print and online in publications including MaximUs WeeklyCountry LivingSt. Petersburg Times and She’s a graduate of the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications.

For Mary J. Blige, it all started with a karaoke booth at age 17. Nine Grammys later, the 42-year-old is still going strong.

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Famed pizza artist Domenico Crolla shows you how to serve up an impressive pie with half the calories
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Everyone’s favorite girl on Girls has been making quite a splash on the celebrity scene, and on the brink of the show's third season, Allison Williams has never...

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Hollywood favorite Kate Hudson turns heads no matter what beauty look she’s sporting. We rounded up some of our favorites
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Get a crystal clear complexion and eye popping eye makeup (that looks natural!) inspired by Kate’s cover shoot
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It’s hard not to envy Kate Hudson. The blonde beauty, whether she’s playing a groupie or a Glee star, never fails to turn heads.
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Anyone who’s been touched by breast cancer can appreciate that the pink ribbon is a bit overdone.
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Every October, troves of breast cancer awareness supporters make themselves known by donning pink in various ways: NFL players on their helmets, high school kids with “I heart boobies”...

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How well do you really know Kelly? From her days in Destiny's Child to her latest solo hits, we challenge you to match these 10 snapshots with their song titles
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Kelly Rowland doesn’t like to fool around. In fact, the best way for her to stay on track is by never slipping from her healthy lifestyle.

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