Beth Blair

Beth Blair is thrilled to be the SHAPE 2013 Weight Loss Diary columnist and is excited to be sharing her journey in the magazine and the Weight Loss Diary blog. She currently lives in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and has been married to her husband, Jeff, for 10 years and has two school-aged children, Jeb and Maddie, and two college-age stepsons, Robert and William. As a former flight attendant, it comes as no surprise that Beth evolved into a travel writer. In addition to freelancing, she wrote Break into Travel Writing (McGraw-Hill, 2012) and co-founded The Vacation Gals, which won gold in the Travel Blog category in the 28th Annual Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition. Learn more about her at

During my most recent session with my life coach, Kate Larsen, I realized that I have been too hard on myself lately.

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Summer clothes shopping used to be fun…like when I was 19 years old, could wear any length skirt, and back fat wasn't an issue.

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Now that I've learned my heart rate zones, both my registered dietitian and trainer agree that...

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For months now I've been running into people who ask how my "diet" is going. Newsflash: I'm not on a diet.

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This past was winter was very long for Minnesota. We had snow on the ground until May!

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I've always loved making smoothies, but I learned something very important this year while working with my registered dietician, Heather Wallace: It's imperative I include protein with...

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Several months ago I took a food sensitivity test through the Life Lab at...

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In the past 20 years, measuring my heart rate hasn't really been on my radar.

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Over the years I've dabbled with, a food-tracking site.

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If there's one thing I've learned since signing on as the Weight Loss Diarist, it's that getting and staying fit and healthy is an ongoing process.

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