Brittany Risher

Brittany Risher spends her days immersed in all things related to fitness, nutrition, health, beauty, and sex and relationships. She loves trying new workout classes—especially anything in the Pilates or yoga vein—cooking vegetarian and vegan recipes, enjoying good wine, and traveling (preferably somewhere tropical). Brittany previously worked as an editor for Women's Health, Prevention, and Men's Health, and earned her bachelor's and master's at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

Try a new twist on your favorite breakfast for a delicious, filling meal you can eat any time of day
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When you’re tired of white wine and rose, spritzers are the answer for an invigorating drink on steamy summer days and nights. Quite possibly the easiest cocktails to make, these require...

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From Los Angeles to Kansas City to Chicago to New York City, bars are catching on to the new frozen cocktails trend—think tipsy gas station slushy served in a fancy chilled glass and...

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The hottest new way to use your Crock-Pot? To make these fun, low-cal drinks. Genius!

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A liquor on the rocks or mixed with soda is kind on your thighs, but when you’re looking for something more fun and flavorful, order one of these light options
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Forget celebrity divorces and North West; we prefer to talk about stars living the healthy life. Here is what we've been discussing this week; tell us what you've been chatting about in...

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Puree your way to the perfect dairy-free breakfast or post-workout snack
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While we do care who walks away with the trophies, let’s face it: We watch awards shows to see what everyone’s wearing and who has the best makeup and hair. And last night left us...

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Oscar-nominated actress Naomi Watts always shines on the red carpet—in part because her amazing figure allows her to look great in just about anything. The secret those...

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