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Carson Olivares is a freelance writer for SHAPE Magazine, where she writes about fitness, beauty, fashion, and all things celebrity in the Fit + Famous Blog. She grew up competitively swimming in San Diego and has since come to love yoga, running, and anything topped with an avocado. Additionally, she reports for Us Weekly Magazine and works on staff at Parents magazine. She graduated from Hofstra University’s School of Journalism. Read her blog at

These Hollywood hotties amped up their workouts this week!

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Kesha is opening up about her recent eating disorder battle in an incredibly personal, first-person account, saying that above all, her body image problems derived from...

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Hollywood has been busy, busy, busy this week. If you missed the week's biggest celebrity baby news, catch up here.

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Everyone looks amazing, but these athletes really caught our eyes
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Forget the World Cup! This week, we're all about Wimbledon. What has you tuning in and toning up this week...

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From the outside, former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger exudes confidence.

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Ladies, if you're in need of some new eye candy, look no further. People magazine...

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While some may choose to beat the summer heat, these A-listers opt to sweat it out in it. Who motivated you to get outdoors this week?

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Because, let's be real, the World Cup is about way more than soccer
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From day-drinking with famous chefs to romantic strolls on the putting green, the healthy Hollywood A-listers were out and about this week. We want to know who you've been following!

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