Chris Lawhorn

Chris Lawhorn runs the workout music database Run Hundred and contributes playlists to SHAPE. He also operates the Case/Martingale record label and holds a BA in English from Ball State University. Before joining SHAPE, Chris was the Resident DJ at Marie Claire.

If you've seen any CMT lately or watched one of the recent CMA Awards shows, you've probably noticed that country music is overrun with handsome fellows.

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Summer festivals are in full swing, and thousands of fans are preparing to flock to Chicago’s Union Park this weekend for a three-day entertainment extravaganza.

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This month's top 10 list features an eclectic group of established and upstart musical acts, hailing from Nashville to Norway.

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To celebrate the Fourth of July, we've compiled a workout playlist that mixes the classic anthems you’re sure to hear this time of year with some newer, feel-good hits that fit the bill...

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It’s really happening!

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You know Coachella and Bonnaroo, but you may not have heard of Firefly.

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This month's top 10 list makes it official: Electronic dance music has completely taken over the nation's gyms.

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With the Tony Awards this Sunday, it's the perfect time time to survey Manhattan's musical landscape.

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When thinking about exercise, it's easy to get bogged down by numbers (miles run) and effects (pounds lost).

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The best kind of fitness music makes your heart rate rise, matches the intensity of your workout, and gets you excited to sweat.

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