Cristina Goyanes
Cristina Goyanes is an NYC-based freelance editor and writer who covers topics including sports, fitness, travel, health, lifestyle, and inspiring people profiles for various national men's and women's magazines and websites. She's an avid cyclist who completed a seven-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to LA in June 2013.

At age 22, Julia Russell began an intense fitness regimen that would rival most Olympians'. From two-a-day workouts to a strict diet, you might think she were actually training for...

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When doctors told Amy Van Dyken to say her goodbyes minutes before an emergency surgery for her completely severed spinal cord from a near-fatal ATV accident last June, her husband,...

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What does it take to be the best? For soccer star Carli Lloyd—the two-time Olympic gold medalist who became an American hero this summer when she propelled the U.S. women's national...

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All my training for the AIDS/Lifecycle ride got me thinking about my relationship with my Cannondale bike. I love it—and it's...

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Planning a "wild" hike in the wilderness? We've got the perfect outdoor gear to keep you safe and stylish!
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Bikram is to yoga what Tae-Bo is to kickboxing. Like Billy Blanks, Bikram Choudhury took a long-existing practice and modified it to create a uniquely-packaged fitness franchise....

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Craving adventure? These far-flung places will wake up your mind, body, and soul
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Before you decide this program is too intense, manly, dangerous, or whatever your excuse is, learn the facts. You just may find yourself signing up at a box
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“I know I don't fit the profile,” admits WNBA all-star 'Mighty Ruthie' Bolton about being a victim of domestic violence, which she discussed publicly for the first time in a packed room...

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