Cristina Goyanes
Cristina Goyanes is an NYC-based freelance editor and writer who covers topics including sports, fitness, travel, health, lifestyle, and inspiring people profiles for various national men's and women's magazines and websites. She's an avid cyclist who completed a seven-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to LA in June 2013.

Scooby-Doo just made a big Scooby-Don't.

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“It was a calm night.

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Bossy. We get why Sheryl Sanberg launched a campaign to ban the B-word, but we think it just needs to be modified a bit.

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If you're looking for love, don't blow off hookup apps like Tinder just yet.

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Forget blaming the obesity endemic on soda, trans fats, and endless hours sitting in front of a screen.

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Tragedies like the untimely death of Robin Williams are sad reminders of the intricacy of the human brain, and how much there is still to learn.

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The fun police seem to be on patrol in Edmonds School District, a suburb of Seattle, where parents are no longer allowed to bring high-cal desserts to celebrate their kid's birthday with...

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Wouldn't it be nice if all your efforts toward achieving happiness really did add up like two plus two equals four? But alas, it's never that simple.

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Tired of spinning your wheels and going nowhere?

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Dutch Olympic and three-time world champion Marianne Vos made history today on the final stretch (and most prestigious stage) of the Tour de France, taking home the top prize as...

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