Cynthia Sass

Angelia Jolie created media buzz during a Louis Vuitton photo shoot in Cambodia when she told a reporter that her kids snack on crispy crickets like Doritos.

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I’m a big fan of organic produce for many reasons, and now I can add one more to the list: It may enhance your immune system.

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Chances are you've tried at least once to eat healthier. And, unless you are super strong-willed, chances are you didn't stay on track.

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I’m often asked about my favorite food, and my honest answer is: beans. Really! They’re just so tasty and hearty, and I love that they make me feel satisfied without feeling sluggish.

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I’d much rather see someone eat butter, a real food, over margarine or another processed alternative, but I have some major concerns about the trend of embracing fatty animal products, f...

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If I told a client she wasn’t supposed to lose any weight for the first two months of a weight-loss program, she’d probably go find another nutritionist.

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I split my time between New York City and Los Angeles, so for at least half of this election season I’ve been bombarded with ads related to California's Prop 37, which is essentially a p...

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Everyone knows the joke that it’s so expensive to shop at Whole Foods it should be called Whole Paycheck, and as much as I adore my local Whole Foods markets, I can’t seem to walk out wi...

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As nearly every news outlet covered Lea Michelle’s supposed baby bump yesterday, I found myself repeatedly shouting “Come on!” “Really?” and “Ugh!” to my computer and TV screens.

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If you find yourself ravenous at lunch and unable to pass up fries...and something cheesy...and a brownie, it's not your midday meal that needs work—it's your breakfast.

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