Danielle McNally

Danielle McNally is reports on the latest news, trends, and gear in the exercise world, along with the occasional travel and pop culture piece. She’s run seven half marathons, and regularly practices yoga and pilates. 

This playlist will help you keep pace while you trot, jog, and run up and down flights as you follow along with our...

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If you’re like us here at SHAPE, you’re super excited about the October 16 launch of Zumba’s latest video game, Zumba Fitness Core for Nintendo Wii and Kinect for Xbox 360 ($40;...

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Get a ballerina’s body without setting foot near a barre? Sign us up!

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Noshing on a low-glycemic, fructose-free meal before you hit the gym will help you use fat—not carbohydrates—as fuel during your sweat session, according to research we reported on in...

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Spend all day at a desk and your posture can slip in Quasimodo territory.

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Combining strength moves and cardio helped her shape up in a snap!

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