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Changing your diet and exercise to shed pounds can be a difficult and slow process.

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All that time you spend getting “bikini ready” for a beach vacation can be undone with this one very common thing.

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You've cut soda from your diet, you use smaller plates, and you could tell any random passerby the number of calories in your meals, but the weight just doesn’t seem to be shedding.

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It’s summer! You’ve worked hard for a bikini-ready body, and now it’s time to enjoy the sunshine, the fresh farmers' market produce, the bike rides, and the swimming.

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Every day around 67 percent of office workers eat lunch at their desks. In fact, you might be eating a sandwich or bowl of soup right now, and you're clearly not alone.

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Every day our social media feeds are bombarded with ads from weight-loss companies promising that if you follow their plan, you can lose 10, 15, and even 20 pounds in one month.

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You know that your metabolism gets a big boost during exercise. That's why you burn more calories by running than by sitting.

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Every year, ratings groups such as Consumer Reports and U.S. News poll health experts and actual dieters to find out which diets are most effective.

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When you're on a diet or trying to improve your health through nutrition, you spend a lot of time staring at the numbers at the sides of boxes, cans, and packages of food.

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