Dr. Mike Roussell

Dr. Mike Roussell, PhD, is a nutritional consultant known for his ability to transform complex nutritional concepts into practical habits and strategies for his clientele, which includes professional athletes, executives, food companies, and top fitness facilities. Dr. Mike is the author of Dr. Mike's 7 Step Weight Loss Plan and the 6 Pillars of Nutrition.

Q: Should I be worried about GMO foods?

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Q: Whenever I eat a big dinner and work out the next morning, I feel sluggish. What is the best way to eat in at night to make my a.m. session easier?

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Q: Do the little bit of herbs and spices that I add to foods (and cocktails) really do anything for me?

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Q: When I work out in the morning, I end up starving after. If I eat before and again after, am I eating three times as many calories as I normally would be?

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Simple solutions for a high-protein, high-portability diet
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Q: I wanted to go on an elimination diet, as I’ve heard that it may be able to help me with skin problems that I’ve had most of my life. Is this a good idea?

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Q: Not to get too personal, but I’ve noticed that after I have my meal replacement shake (which is fortified with more than 100% of some vitamins and minerals), my pee...

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Q: What are the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice?

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Q: Are wholesome (natural, local, etc) foods healthier than processed foods?

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Q: What is better to do if I don’t like a lot of veggies: not eat them or “hide” them in something unhealthy (like butter or cheese) so I can tolerate them?

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