Elizabeth Goodman Artis

Elizabeth Goodman Artis is a writer and editor with nearly 20 years of experience at some of the top women's magazines in the country. She has held senior editorial positions at Cosmopolitan, Fitness, and Prevention and is currently the Executive Editor of Shape magazine. She lives in Brooklyn.

You know that you’ve had your share of water/beer/coffee by the frequency in which you need to use the bathroom, but what else can pee tell you about your health and habits?

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A vegan diet, the more restrictive cousin of a...

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Don't be fooled by the s-word; these "salads" have more fat, calories, and sodium than a fast-food burger

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Full disclosure: I'm a vehemently pro muscle.

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You know you “should” meditate, bypass the elevator for the stairs, and order a salad instead of a sandwich—they’re the “healthy” things to do, after all.

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Fat is the ultimate three-letter word, especially the kind that you spend so much time watching your diet and hitting the gym to keep at bay (or at least to keep off your butt).

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Age, weight, and a family history are all known risk factors for a heart attack, but there are other, less obvious situations that can put even healthy, fit women in cardiac jeopardy.

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Have you ever opened your container of store-bought hummus, baby carrots in hand, and thought: “I could have made this myself"?

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After diet, there’s nothing more rampant with myths, half-truths, and downright falsehoods than exercise—especially its effect on weight loss.

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Full disclosure: I have experimented with most (though not all) of these popular weight-loss methods: from an all tuna plan in 7th (!) grade to the college era diet that allowed me to...

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