Elizabeth Goodman Artis

Elizabeth Goodman Artis is a writer and editor with nearly 20 years of experience at some of the top women's magazines in the country. She has held senior editorial positions at Cosmopolitan, Fitness, and Prevention and is currently the Executive Editor of Shape magazine. She lives in Brooklyn.

Walk into your local “gourmet” grocery store and you’re welcomed by piles of artfully arranged fruits and vegetables, beautifully packaged baked goods, more varieties of cheeses and...

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Cocktails, cupcakes, salty potato chips, a big juicy cheeseburger.

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If you’ve ever had breakfast for dinner—pancakes, waffles, even scrambled eggs—you know...

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Buying canned goods in bulk may seem a slightly paranoid, Doomsday Prepper-esque endeavor, but a well-stocked cupboard can be a healthy eaters’ best friend—as long as you’re...

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By the time you reach 21, you’ve already experienced some pretty significant changes: growth spurts, puberty, the realization that bubblegum pink probably wasn’t the best color for your...

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Have food, will fry. It's practically an American motto, but it's also just about the unhealthiest way to eat otherwise healthy fare such as potatoes, chicken, fish, and veggies.

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Put the word “personal” in front of any service—trainer, stylist, dog groomer—and it immediately takes on an elitist (read: expensive) ring.

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Scientifically speaking, water is the basis of life, but beyond being essential to your very existence, water serves all sorts of purposes that help you feel your absolute best.

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In the quest for weight loss, cutting corners (and calories) by choosing fat free or ultra low-calorie foods seems like a no-brainer—chewing gum to quell hunger or spraying rather than...

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We scanned the stats to compile a list of locales where it’s great to be a girl. Did your hometown make the cut?
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