Heidi Pashman

As the social media editor for Shape, Heidi spends the majority of her time writing, editing, testing out new fitness trends, and reading the latest on nutrition. She's a graduate from Georgetown University where she was an editor for the main newspaper on campus and wrote about everything from fashion and celebrities to her experiences abroad in Turkey and France. Her perfect day would include Bikram yoga, exploring New York City, and a red velvet cupcake.

How much can you learn about success and life in 30 minutes? Thanks to Ivanka Trump, a lot!

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Some of the nation’s top chefs share the easy yet impressive meal to be sure you have in your cooking repertoire
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Exercising at home can save a ton of time and money, but you also need to have a workout plan or else "I don't know what to do today" can become "I'm not going to work out today." And...

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Recently Martha Stewart has been in the spotlight for more than her business ventures and amazing recipes.

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Erin Hamlin wasn't much of a daredevil when she was a child—for years she didn't even like roller coasters.

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A long-term Canadian study published Tuesday by the British Medical Journal has concluded that mammograms...

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Professional snowboarder Shaun White announced today—one day before the 2014 Winter Olympics start—that he will not be competing in the slopestyle event this year.

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Cold lettuce sounds pretty drab to us this time of year, so we rounded up the 20 best winter salads from the web that will keep you filled with...

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From Kate Walsh's Pilates studio to Mark Wahlberg's very own boxing ring, see how celebs sweat it out at home
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We're excited about this: Jamba Juice, that delicious smoothie joint on everyone's corner, is making it easier to fuel up on whole fruits and veggies.

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