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Kristen Aldridge lends her pop culture expertise to Yahoo! as host of "omg! NOW." Receiving millions of hits per day, the hugely popular daily entertainment news program is one of the most-watched on the web. As a seasoned entertainment journalist, pop culture expert, fashion addict and lover of all things creative, she is founder of and recently launched her own celeb-inspired fashion line and smartphone app. Connect with Kristen to talk all things celebrity via Twitter and Facebook, or visit her official website.

We’re spotlighting the 12 sexiest stars of television's biggest night.
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From tennis star Tina Fey to Britney Spears on the basketball court, we tracked down these sporty stars' original yearbook pics
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Summer’s sexiest new show Mistresses on ABC may be over for now, but the good news is we can still get our fix of Alyssa Milano as host of Project Runway...
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Just in time for the season 8 premiere of their CMT reality show, we got the scoop on how these gorgeous girls stay strong, sexy, and always smiling
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From rising stars like Victoria Azarenka to familiar fan favorites like Serena Williams, here are 12 superstar athletes set to dominate on the court this year
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In honor of the Queen of Pop’s 55th birthday, we’re breaking down our favorite concert looks through the years

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Netflix's hot new original series Orange is the New Black follows WASPy, blonde Piper Chapman's life in prison—the disgusting lifestyle, the difficult life adjustments, and the...

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Hollywood can’t get enough of these buff bods—and neither can we!
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There's a reason these fitness pros have impressive followings; they can motivate you to get moving from across the nation!
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5 of our favorite athletes among those elected to sport their bods in the buff
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