Kylie Gilbert

Kylie is the editorial web assistant at Shape. She is a recent graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications. Her favorite things include online shopping, Sprinkles red velvet cupcakes, and Bravo.

We were thrilled when we learned Jillian Michaels would finally be making her own activewear line, ...

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After Taylor Swift teased to Jimmy Fallon last week on the Tonight Show that she would be hosting a Yahoo!

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We know that the content of our dreams can help decode real-life emotions (e.g., dreaming of your teeth falling out is a classic stress indicator), but apparently the way we...

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This week, Jillian Michaels announced the launch of her first-ever activewear line, Impact by...

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We already know that men generally make riskier decisions than women (driving faster, gambling—you know what we mean), and it turns out running is no different.

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There are plenty of natural turn-ons that come with warmer weather, science-backed aphrodisiacs (oysters, anyone?), and even some more ...

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We already know that nuts are a healthy addition to a diet: They contain protein, fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals, and cholesterol lowering...

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If you're a fan of the Bachelor franchise, you know what the words "fantasy suite" imply.

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In a world of beauty advertisements, and photoshopped images, what does the term "beautiful" mean to a blind person?

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You know all that advice about not acting too eager to please on a first date? Well, according to new research, you may want to throw that approach out the window.

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