Locke Hughes

Locke is the assistant web editor at Shape. The Florida native loves discovering healthy, delicious recipes (occasionally even attempting to cook them), trying new workouts (TRX is a current fave), and running (she recently completed her second half-marathon). A graduate of the University of Virginia, she also enjoys spending time with friends, exploring all that the Big Apple has to offer, and firmly believes there’s nothing that sunshine—or a glass of wine—can’t fix.

Mona Patel, 41, thought her life was pretty much planned out.

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The only constant in life is change. We’ve all heard this adage, but it’s true—and it can be scary.

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As the NFL season kicks off, there's one name you're bound to hear almost as often as the players themselves: Erin Andrews. In addition to displaying her impressive...

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Advocates of the trendy eating style share what they tend to eat in 24 hours—and it may convince you to ditch the sweet stuff
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Now you can electrocute yourself, strengthen down there, and more—all in the name of fitness—thanks to tech
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Burritos have become a bit bloated in past years—and with all that meat, rice, and cheese, you often feel the same way after downing one.

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Hit the courts in high style with these player-approved tennis clothes and accessories
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The fast food industry has seen plenty of changes recently—some nutritious and some not so much.

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From super sweet to super green, these delicious drinks are creamy, satisfying, and chockfull of nutrients
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When we heard that Kim Kardashian is publishing a coffee table book containing only #selfies, we can’t say we were surprised.

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