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Locke is the assistant web editor at SHAPE. The native Floridian loves discovering healthy, delicious recipes (occasionally even attempting to cook them in her tiny NYC kitchen), trying new workouts (TRX is a current fave) and running (she recently completed her first half-marathon). A graduate of the University of Virginia, she also enjoys spending time with friends, exploring all that the Big Apple has to offer, and firmly believes there’s nothing that sunshine—or a glass of wine—can’t fix.  

Sleep is highly personal. In our office alone, one editor says she tosses and turns all night, another stays still—hardly moving at all.

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After swearing off sugar for a two-week "experiment" in 2011, Sarah Wilson lost weight, gained energy (no more 3 p.m. slump!), slept better, and was able to manage her thyroid disease....

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While the ad agency may have its workplace melodramas, there are real lessons to be learned from the men and women of SCDP
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Upgrade your sportswear this season with bright colors, vibrant patterns, and cooling fabrics
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We already knew Adam Levine could sing, dance, and mentor aspiring pop stars, but who knew the Sexiest Man Alive was a bonafide fashion designer too?

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Let's be honest: Practicing yoga or meditating for hours each day isn't exactly practical (to say the least) for most women.

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"Uncover a six-pack in six days!" "Drop 10 pounds in one week!" The instant-weight loss promises of most workout programs, while appealing, usually have little basis in reality.

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Everyone has those days when we need a little emotional lift—like a jolt of java for the mind.

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Although you’ve been breathing since the moment you were born, you’ve probably been doing it all wrong. [Tweet this fact!]

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U.S. Women's National Team forward and two-time Olympic gold medalist Abby Wambach is no stranger to fierce competition.

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