Locke Hughes

Locke is the assistant web editor at Shape. The Florida native loves discovering healthy, delicious recipes (occasionally even attempting to cook them), trying new workouts (TRX is a current fave), and running (she recently completed her second half-marathon). A graduate of the University of Virginia, she also enjoys spending time with friends, exploring all that the Big Apple has to offer, and firmly believes there’s nothing that sunshine—or a glass of wine—can’t fix.

It's many a gym-goer's fantasy: Open your own fitness studio, where you can stock your favorite equipment, schedule convenient classes, and harness the top fitness talent to teach high-...

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When a friend is dealing with a breakup, a job from hell, or the loss a loved one, your natural reaction is to cheer her up, right?

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Maybe you indulged in a weekend-long sugar binge or found yourself elbow-deep in birthday cake leftovers at 1 a.m. last night.

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Here's a reason to go for the O: After orgasm, people are more likely to have important (and positive!) conversations than people who didn't reach climax, according to a...

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Conquer the heat and humidity with apparel, accessories, and shoes that keep sweat and stickiness at bay
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The idea of plating a meal with an artistic flourish is hardly new.

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Independence Day provides the perfect opportunity to fire up the grill, cook all your favorites, and set out a spread that will seriously impress...

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Summertime sure is sweet, but as the heat and humidity skyrocket, there’s a part of us that’s already looking forward to the cooler days of fall.

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Planning a seaside getaway this weekend? Read this first.

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Sriracha is certainly having a moment.

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