Ro Kalonaros

Ro is an assistant web editor at Shape. Born and raised in New York, she loves writing, spending time on the beach, and playing tennis. As a fervent foodie and wine-lover, she has spent a lot of time traveling and exploring. Ro spent time in the nation’s capital, studying English and Dramatic Lit at The George Washington University, but is happy to be back in New York with her family (especially her dog).

Summer is winding down, and with the end of the season comes an end to (some) summer romances.

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At 15 years old, our biggest accomplishments were making varsity. Catherine Bellis not only made the U.S.

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A standard serving of wine is 5 ounces. That's about 3 1/3 filled shot glasses, but we're guessing you don't measure when you pour—and that could mean you're seriously over-drinking.

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When we think fitness trackers, our minds jump to accessories, but now wearable tech has come to apparel. With the start of the U.S.

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Celebrity chefs and nutrition experts swear these pricey gadgets and ingredients pay off by boosting health and flavor
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Cassey Ho, creator of Pop Pilates, just released an activewear collection called Bodypop.

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Fans are buzzing over Taylor Swift's announcement that she'll perform at the VMAs and her mysterious livestream with Yahoo! on Monday.

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is not only easy and fun, but according to the ALS Association, donations have spiked by 1,000 percent.

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These advancements are inspirational, innovative, and on their way in the coming years
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Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars make love look easy. Here, their tricks for helping romance thrive year after year (okay, money doesn’t hurt!)
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