Tiffany Tse

Tiffany Tse is a lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment editor/writer with a passion for healthy living. A native San Diegan, she loves hiking, dancing, and running on the beach to the beats of Jay-Z, Nas, and Outkast. Despite her penchant for whipping up wholesome meals, particularly slow cooker soups and killer fruit smoothies, she's a wicked good baker and possesses a sweet tooth that almost always surrenders to the temptation of ice cream. She was formerly the deputy editor at Tiger Beat and BOP magazines.

Nothing tastes better on a bone-chilling day than a piping hot beverage.

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You can thank the stinging cold weather for your high-calorie cravings, as research shows that we all tend to eat a little more during the winter months. What do we hunger for most?

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We know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what we don't know about...

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The fall favorite has never looked (or tasted) better!

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Warm, filling, flavor-packed soups and stews are the perfect antidote to chilly winter days.

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Wearing makeup to the gym is a major no-no. But often, busy women don't have time to wash their faces clean before stepping onto the treadmill.

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We tracked down the outfit details of 10 fit celebs who sweat in style
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These 10 brothers and sisters aren't living in anyone's shadow!

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20 top food bloggers share their most popular mouthwatering meals
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