Coming Down The Aisle

Follow SHAPE editor Amanda Junker as she prepares for her March 2014 wedding with the help of trainer Jessi Kneeland of Peak Performance in NYC.

If you listen closely, you can hear a million hearts breaking with the news that Justin Timberlake will wed his on-again love Jessica Biel this weekend in Italy.

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If there's one thing I look for in a great wedding, it's the attention to detail. It could be a tiny feather in the

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Another day, another Hollywood bride. This time it's our favorite catwoman, Anne Hathaway!

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Spotted: A surprise news item in People. Looks like Upper Eastsider Serena (aka Blake Lively) wed her beau of one year, Ryan Reynolds.

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In 2005, my friend Charissa was getting married. I was very excited because it was the first "friend" wedding I was ever invited to.

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As a bride-to-be, I'm always excited to find out when others get engaged.

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As a bride on a budget, I am no stranger to cutting back on wedding related things when I can.

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I've always been experimental with my hair. Although I've never done anything TOO crazy, I like to keep things fresh and different.

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In my constant quest to becoming fit and fabulous (it's almost a must here at SHAPE #kidding), I took my first Pilates Reformer class yesterday evening.

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If you follow me on Twitter, you already know how I've been doing with my Special K...

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