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Coming Down the Aisle

First Dance Songs--My Top Ten Picks!

Martha Stewart Weddings compiled a list of "First Dance Songs," and I chose my Top Ten!

The Wedding Day Diet- "My Challenge"

To break out of my diet-rut and get bikini ready for the Fourth of July, I'm tackling the Special K Challenge!

Wedding Day Detox

A new way to cleanse for your big day, detoxing with food!

Here Comes the Cleanse!

In the midst of planning my wedding, I also have to start planning my health.

Extreme Dieting: The Bridal Edition

Dubbed "Bridal Hunger Games" by the New York Times, this article shows just how far Brides will go to lose the last few pounds.

Advice on Wedding Planning Conflicts

When enforcing a rule with an iron fist leaves the people you love in the dust, the harsh reality of planning a wedding comes into focus.

The Wedding Shoe Debate: Bride VS Groom

In order to look more normal than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes on their wedding day, my fiance is trying to plead with me to wear flats.

The Knot's: 15 Wedding Songs to Skip

Did you favorite dance tune get jiggy with it? Or was it evacuated from the dance floor?

The 90/10 Rule: How We First Kissed

From Friends to Fiance's: This is beginning of our journey to the altar.

Speaking Bridal: Decoding the Wedding Lingo

Take a Crash Course in How to Speak to Wedding Vendors!

Allie McKenna

Everyone's favorite gossip girl got married to the sexiest man alive this weekend in an intimate ceremony and reception in South Carolina.

Top Ten Wedding Movies of All Time

We've got the Runaway Bride, the best friend getting married, a war between brides and the father of the bride...I think we covered it all.

Wedding Day Workout: Pilates

In my quest for a killer body for my wedding, I took a Reformer class at Pilates on Fifth in NYC.

Brides on a Budget: 8 Priceless Tips to Consider

If you're like myself and paying for the majority of your own wedding then these tips are priceless (pun intended).

Planning a Wedding? Take Advantage of Cyber Monday Deals!

Thing Cyber Monday deals don't apply to you? Read on to find discounts you can use for your wedding!

An Interview with Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty

Get the details on how Style Me Pretty became a wedding revolution, meet it's Founder Abby Larson and find out what it actually takes to get your wedding featured on the website.

Anne Hathaway Ties the Knot!

The Devil Wears Valentino

Groundhog Wedding Day--A List of the Most Overdone Wedding Traditions

With all of the copycat traditions of Brides today, it's almost like we're reliving the same wedding over and over again.

The Wedding Day Workout: Triceps

To look top-notch on your wedding day, work on your fitness with this bouquet of poses!

Must-Have Wedding Accessories

You've got the ring, you've got the groom, now get everything else!

One Year Away, My Wedding Checklist Comes into Full View

The Knot's Wedding Planning Checklist is the Best Thing Ever

Close Call: How I Almost Got Engaged

An Unpredictable NYC Christmas Dinner almost had us Fully Engaged

A Few of My Favorite Wedding Things

Where I Found My Wedding Inspiration from All Across the World Wide Web.

Fall for a Harvest Wedding Feast

If you're planning a Fall Wedding, here are some creative ideas to spice up your meals!

The Wedding Day Workout: Super Sets

If you're already a gym-goer, try these Super Sets and kick your bridal butt into high gear!

Bridal Beauty: Hair & There

For brides on a budget, try out these DIY Wedding Hairstyles from Martha Stewart Weddings!