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Close Call: How I Almost Got Engaged


It wasn't a secret that we wanted to marry each other.  We knew it felt right and we both knew that we needed some time before we made it official.  We didn't want to have a Las Vegas quickie (and now that I am knee deep in wedding planning, I kind of wish we were), we wanted something special.

I also wanted the actual engagement to be special.  

It's true that every little girl dreams about her wedding day, but it's also true that every twenty-something dreams about the day when her man will eventually pop the question. How will be do it? When will he do it? Will he tell anyone? Did he ask my father for permission?

Truth be told, I always pictured my engagement in the middle of Rockefeller Center in front of that massive tree. My future fiance would have had my parents hiding in the crowds and once the ring was on my finger we would go out to a big dinner and celebrate, with lots of champagne of course.

Before Jeremiah and I officially got engaged, we had a few close calls...or at least, everyone around me convinced me one way or the other that I was going to get engaged.  There was the time we went on a romantic vacation to Puerto Rico for our one year anniversary in April of 2010. We also took a cruise with a bunch of our friends from NYC to Caribbean in November 2010. 
The time when I really, truthfully thought I was going to get engaged was exactly one year too soon...

It was December 25, 2009. My birthday, which is also Christmas Day. I didn't make any plans for the holiday, I wanted a low-key relaxing day with the people I loved. After celebrating with his family, Jeremiah and I met up with each other around 4 P.M. We drove into the city for dinner and ice skating in Rockefeller Center. I was craving Italian so we drove into Little Italy and took our chances at a few restaurants without a reservation. As we took our seats by the window and ordered our wine, I noticed Jeremiah looked extremely nervous. He got up from the table a few times and came back. I finally asked him what was wrong.

"I have to do something," he answered.

Was he really going to propose to me NOW? We've only been dating eight months! Are we really ready for this big step?

"What?" I finally stammered, waiting for him to get down on one knee and my parents to come out of hiding. 

"I have to use the bathroom and someone has been in there for 15 minutes," he said nervously.

I laughed, relieved.

False alarm.


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