Fit & Famous

What does it really take to maintain those A-list bodies? SHAPE reports on the diets, workout programs, and other look-great secrets of the stars. For the latest news on your favorite fit celebrities, look no further.

Need a break from the award show photo galleries? These celebs went from red carpet to real world and put in the hard work for a happy, healthy life just like the rest of us.

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At 15 years old, our biggest accomplishments were making varsity. Catherine Bellis not only made the U.S.

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With the MTV Music Video Awards and the Emmys just around the corner, this week Hollywood’s biggest stars are turning their fitness game up a few notches.

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We were thrilled when we learned Jillian Michaels would finally be making her own activewear line, ...

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After Taylor Swift teased to Jimmy Fallon last week on the Tonight Show that she would be hosting a Yahoo!

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Well, this is a healthy food habit I've never tried: heating up sushi. I know what you're thinking, but at least one person is a fan of it.

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Fans are buzzing over Taylor Swift's announcement that she'll perform at the VMAs and her mysterious livestream with Yahoo! on Monday.

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Forget about runways and red carpets—we’re looking to the stars this week for some real life motivation!

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Congrats to Savannah Guthrie and husband Mike Feldman!

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