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Jamba Juice Accelerates Roll-Out of Fresh-Squeezed Juices

Jamba Juice

Next time you’re running errands and craving a green juice, your options will no longer be limited to “cheap and pre-bottled” or “fresh yet overpriced.” National retailer Jamba Juice just announced exciting news: A brand-new menu of 16 fresh-squeezed juice blends will appear in more than 500 stores next week.

Previously planning to roll out the new menu by the end of the year, the juice giant sped up the availability to June 2 after an overwhelming consumer reaction to pilot testing. Juiced right in front of you and packed with nutritious ingredients, the 16 delicious options include Carrot Cayenne (a spicy blend of carrots, apples, ginger, and cayenne pepper), Veggie Harvest (a healthy medley of apples, carrots, beets, greens, and ginger), and Tropical Greens (full of island-inspired flavors like apples, pineapples, greens, and chia seeds). The whole-food ingredients also come from local sources, so your favorite drink will have gone from ground to cup in just two or three days. Added bonus: Each is priced at a wallet-friendly $4 for 12 ounces of fresh-squeezed goodness.

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And if you’re wondering if the person behind your Jamba counter is trustworthy to juice properly, rest assured: The company implemented an advanced training program, called the Master of Blending Arts (MBA), to ensure employees have a high level of knowledge related to the health benefits of all ingredients and drinks. By June 2, there will be at least one “Master Blender” at your store to assist you in making the best choice for your personal tastes and nutritional needs. Now that’s our kind of MBA degree. Be sure to stop by your local Jamba Juice next week to check out the all-new freshly squeezed juices.


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