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Fit Foodies

The Best Wines for Your Waistline

Sip smartly and guilt-free with our handy guide to buying the best-tasting, lower-calorie wines.

A Sweet Yet Sugar-Free Snack or Breakfast

Coconut, cinnamon, and nuts make this granola from Sarah Wilson, author of I Quit Sugar, satisfyingly crunchy and sweet.

Get the Scoop on Protein Powders

Our breakdown of the top 6 protein powders will help you find the best one for your dietary preferences and personal needs.

Could a Vegan Diet Make You Fat?

Skipping meat, eggs, and dairy isn't necessarily healthy, or a way to lose weight.

Paleo Fruit and Coconut Milk Chia Seed Pudding

This gorgeous breakfast parfait is easy to make and guarantees an energized start to your day.

Raise a Glass for National Sangria Day

Celebrate in skinny style with these five unique low-calorie sangria recipes including a hearty winter sangria with figs and a spicy sangria!

Celebrate National Pecan Month

Pecans are packed with antioxidants and over 19 vitamins and minerals. Find out if an ounce of this healthy nut can replace your daily multivitamin.

Are Green Juices Healthy or Just Hype?

You've heard all the buzz about juices made from leafy greens, but not all those claims are true. Separate fact from fiction.

Top 10 Indoor Grilling Tips for City Dwellers

Create flavorful, juicy cookout foods in the comfort of your air-conditioned kitchen with help from chef Bobby Flay.

Super Easy, Super Tasty Aperol Cocktail

The classic Italian cocktail gains a Japanese flair and drops quite a few calories thanks to sparkling sake and yuzu juice.

150-Calorie Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Cheesecake

You'll never miss the gobs of cream cheese (and it's cholesterol) thanks to rich Greek yogurt in this decadent and creamy pumpkin cheesecake recipe.

Don't Toss Sprouted Garlic!

Forget what you've heard, new research says green growths on your garlic is nothing to worry about--and may be good for you.

Rocco DiSpirito's 5 Tips to Cut Calories

The Now Eat This host shows you how to cut hundreds of calories by making simple swaps

5 Fresh Smoothies for Spring

Take advantage of the best produce of the season with these satisfying, nutrition-packed drinks.

Rocco DiSpirito's Secrets to Low-Cal Italian

The celebrity chef's insider tips to making authentic meals with maximum flavor and minimal guilt.

Jamba Juice's Fresh-Squeezed Juices Are Here

Freshly-made, nutritious drinks full of local fruits and veggies are coming soon to a store near you!

4 Food Pins We Couldn't Resist!

These Pinterest pins are a feast for the eyes but slimming on the stomach--well at least three of them are. The fourth is just too good to turn down!

Easy, Impressive Miso Salmon and Veggies

A vibrant and trendy recipe, this dish from Judy Joo comes together in a flash and is sure to please.

Low Calorie Cocktails for National Tequila Day

You won't derail your diet celebrating National Tequila Day with these low cal cocktails! Try the 99-calorie margarita, the raw tequila cocktail and more!

How Many Calories Are Really in Your Smoothie?

Find out how your favorite shake ingredients stack up nutritionally so you can place a healthier order.

The Weight-Loss Food You're Not Eating

This pretty seasonal fruit can help you fight off colds, boost your heart, and avoid overeating.

Do Vegans Need to Take Omega-3 Supplements?

Find out the best way to get enough of these essential nutrients if you follow a plant-based diet.

The 11 Yummiest Vegan Foods

We love these 10 brands for their super tasty and healthy products, all made without a trace of dairy, eggs, or meat.

How Kourtney Kardashian Influenced My Diet

I never would have touched this super-healthy snack if it weren't for Kourtney Kardashian!

Banana Chips: Healthy or Not?

Dried fruit is delicious but is it a healthy snack? Find out how banana chips nutrition info stacks up.

Why Do You Like the Coffee You Like?

Learn where your joe's beans are grown, and you'll realize why you love Dunkin Donuts but can't stand Starbucks.