The Fit List with Jay Cardiello

SHAPE editor-at-large and celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello provides weekly workouts and fitness advice to help you make time for fitness and stay on track no matter how busy you are.

Many runners don't incorporate strength training into their fitness routine, whether because they feel that...

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Surfing is a challenging sport that incorporates strength, balance, and endurance, which is why surfer girls are so strong and in shape.

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The lazy days of summer can make sticking to your workout routine difficult.

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Sculpt your butt and legs with this ultra-quick squat workout.

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Changing your body isn't as hard as you may think. Little things add up—even the odd ones!

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Turn a lazy summer day in the pool into a calorie-burning, high-intensity workout!

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Do you feel like you have no time to fit in a workout that really makes a difference with your physique?

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Let's face it: Standard abs exercises like sit-ups and crunches are a little archaic and extremely mundane.

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The popularity of bodyweight exercises is increasing daily in the fitness world. Just this year, the U.S.

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Sprint your way into shape with this interval workout that brings together the benefits of cardiorespiratory and strength training in a short amount of time.

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