Ready, Set, Race

Follow along on SHAPE’s official race training blog as SHAPE editors and contributors conquer new fitness milestones such as a triathlon, half-marathon, obstacle race, and a 545-mile bike ride!

Welp, I did it! The NYC Marathon was Sunday, and I am officially a finisher.

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The New York Marathon is upon us!

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You've probably wondered many times yourself: When is the best time of day to work out?

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No longer are the days when I head out on a run with just my phone, headphones, and a set of keys.

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It's easy to get bored, distracted, achy, hungry, thirsty, and tired during the last stretch of a long run, and I'll be honest: It's been a big challenge for me through this training...

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You would think that training for the NYC Marathon in New York City would make things easier.

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For a lot of race runners, fundraising is a reality. Many people have charities they believe in, and some join a cause to get a spot in a race.

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I traveled to Costa Rica for a week in August, my birthday immediately followed, and then just a couple weeks ago, I sprained my foot walking across a New York City street.

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I know that getting enough sleep while I'm marathon training is important. I've been told this many times.

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Injuries are every runner's nightmare. As I sit here typing, there is an ice pack freezing in my office refrigerator so I can use it to ease the pain in my left foot.

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