Ready, Set, Race

Follow along on SHAPE’s official race training blog as SHAPE editors and contributors conquer new fitness milestones such as a triathlon, half-marathon, obstacle race, and a 545-mile bike ride!

With complete, unabashed desperation, I begged my good friend and cycling buddy Angelica Ocasio to please, please, please do the...

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All this training for the AIDS/Lifecycle ride (only 16 days til I pedal from San Franscisco to L.A.!) got me thinking about my...

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The phrase "rest day" has never really made sense to me.

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Wanting to get to know some of the people who I'll be spending all of my time with during the upcoming AIDS/Lifecycle event (...

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Considering that it's May and still snowing in certain parts of the country, some folks may soon turn blue and pass out if they're holding their breath for warm, sunny weather to go...

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While at a three-day cycling camp with Carmichael Training Systems in Tucson, AZ, I had the sudden, inexplicable urge to cry.

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Finding the right bike is like meeting your soul mate: That special connection? It's not easy to come by.

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In 44 days, I will begin my long, hard, 545-mile trek from San Franscico to L.A.

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When things don't go as I envisioned in my mind, I get stuck in the moment and have a hard time rolling with the punches.

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Traveling for destination races and training camps is the best because you often get to do your favorite activity in a beautiful location and the reward of exploring, shopping, and...

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