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Working It Out

The #1 Exercise to Ditch Arm Flab

This move is scientifically proven to target arm flab better than the rest! Add it to your routine for a confidently sleeveless summer.

10 Yoga Poses That Melt Fat

Melt calories and tone up trouble spots with this metabolism-boosting yoga routine.

Yoga for Self-Massage

Breathe deeply in these poses to give your body a relaxing massage--without leaving your house or paying a single cent!

The Best Workout to Eliminate Saddlebags

Tackle this pesky area with these fat-blasting moves!

The Secret to Out-Planking Your Friends

Science has discovered how to stay strong and hold the go-to core move when you want to give in.

How I Turned Myself Into a Morning Exerciser

Here, how a coffee-guzzling night owl learned to squeeze in a sweat session before sunrise--and why she's never turning back.

Get a Body like an NFL Cheerleader

Football season's here! What better way to celebrate than by getting in shape like the fittest people on the field?

9 Yoga Shoulder Openers

Spend all day hunched over an office desk? Add these yoga poses to your practice for better posture and stress relief.

Instructor Secrets to Burn More Calories in Spin Class

Get the absolute most out of your next indoor bike ride with these insider tips.

8 Reasons Yoga Beats the Gym

Surprising ways practicing yoga gives you a better workout than exercising at the gym does.

The Easy Way to Strike King Dancer Pose

Do these 8 poses to warm up your body, and then easily make your way into this graceful balance pose.

Better Your Bench Press

Change up your grip to work different muscles and strengthen more than just your chest.

Get Vertical! Master the Forearm Stand

Hold yourself upside down in one of the easier (but still challenging) inversion poses with this easy how-to.

Yoga Poses for Long, Lean Legs

Go ahead, rock those short-shorts! This sequence will lengthen and strengthen your stems in no time.

Waist-Whittling Yoga Poses

Flatten your stomach and lose inches from your middle by performing these 8 moves 4 days (or more) a week.

Yoga Poses for Confidence

This sequence will have your self-esteem soaring and add a little swagger to your step.

We Tried It: Gyrotonic

This unique training method works your body in ways that no other workout can.

5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Inversions

Yoga guru Heidi Kristoffer shares her tips for nailing inversions (and becoming the envy of your yoga class!).

P90X3 Has Arrived: Here's What to Expect

Fitness expert Tony Horton shares what sets the brand-new workout program apart from the original P90X.

The Best Way to Lunge

This bodyweight exercise is perfect for toning your tush and thighs, but is moving forward or backward better?

8 Reasons to Hit the Pool Today

Let everyone else fight over the treadmills, weights, and space in yoga class. Swimming is all you need to burn calories and tone every muscle.

The Sleeveless Holiday Dress Yoga Arms Workout

Rock a sexy sleeveless dress or shirt and show off your toned guns with these poses that eliminate arm flab.

The Must-Do Move for Stomach Definition

If you want those two vertical lines of definition along your stomach you've got to give this move from celebrity trainer Robert Brace a try.

Is the Backlash Against Pregnant CrossFitters Unfair?

In light of recent controversy, experts weigh in on how much exercise and what intensity is safe while you're expecting.