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Working It Out

10 Yoga Poses That Melt Fat

Melt calories and tone up trouble spots with this metabolism-boosting yoga routine.

The #1 Exercise to Ditch Arm Flab

This move is scientifically proven to target arm flab better than the rest! Add it to your routine for a confidently sleeveless summer.

8 Reasons Yoga Beats the Gym

Surprising ways practicing yoga gives you a better workout than exercising at the gym does.

The Butt-Lifting Yoga Workout

This yoga routine is packed with butt-toning poses to keep your tush lifted, sculpted, and looking amazing in your yoga pants.

Yoga for Self-Massage

Breathe deeply in these poses to give your body a relaxing massage--without leaving your house or paying a single cent!

The Best Workout to Eliminate Saddlebags

Tackle this pesky area with these fat-blasting moves!

Yoga Poses for Long, Lean Legs

Go ahead, rock those short-shorts! This sequence will lengthen and strengthen your stems in no time.

Detox the Natural Way with Yoga

Naturally cleanse your body with these yoga poses that eliminate toxins, improve digestion, and help you rid your body of anything you don't want.

Waist-Whittling Yoga Poses

Flatten your stomach and lose inches from your middle by performing these 8 moves 4 days (or more) a week.

8 Reasons to Hit the Pool Today

Let everyone else fight over the treadmills, weights, and space in yoga class. Swimming is all you need to burn calories and tone every muscle.

Burn 5X More Calories Than Cardio!

A new study names one training method king when it comes to burning fat fast.

Master the Split-leg Arm Balance Pose

Prep your body so you're open and ready to move your way into this arm balance everyone should learn.

We Tried It: Gyrotonic

This unique training method works your body in ways that no other workout can.

Flat-Belly Yoga

Work every core muscle and burn crazy calories with this interval routine for a sleek, sexy midsection.

Better Your Bench Press

Change up your grip to work different muscles and strengthen more than just your chest.

A Couples Yoga Routine Your Guy Will Actually Love

Even the most yoga-skeptic man will loosen up and fall in love with the practice after trying this intimate and fun sequence for 2.

Should My Muscles Be Sore After a Workout?

No pain, no gain? Our expert tells you what you really need to know about post-workout aches.

Have Trouble Falling Asleep? Try This!

Try one of these simple techniques before (or in!) bed and you will be in dreamland faster than you ever imagined.

Yoga Poses for a Head-Turning Body

Look slimmer, sexier and more confident and draw attention wherever you go with these yoga poses that improve your posture.

The Easy Way to Strike King Dancer Pose

Do these 8 poses to warm up your body, and then easily make your way into this graceful balance pose.

Yoga for "Inflexible" People

Flexibility is more in your mind than in your body, and these modified poses will help your body start stretching further.

Conquer Chin Balance Pose with Confidence

Strike this awe-inspiring pose by opening up the rest of your body first with sun salutations and backbends.

Step-by-Step Breakdown: 8-Angle Pose

Learn how to master this impressive arm balance pose with ease--really!

The Smoothie Recipe J.Lo Swears By

Jennifer Lopez credits her amazing bod to this healthy yet delicious BodyLab smoothie.

How to Stash Your Gym Clothes in Any Bag

Who says you need a dedicated gym bag? Watch this video for a super easy space-saving packing trick.