Working it Out

SHAPE editors and fitness experts review the latest trendy fitness classes and provide actionable advice and exclusive workout programs that will help you stay fit and healthy.

Ever feel like you just had the fastest run of your life, but when you looked down at your sports watch it just laughed at you and said, “Nope, not even close”?

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Considering new research shows one in five women don't work out...

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Indoor biking hasn't been the same for a few years ever since boutique fitness brands like SoulCycle and Flywheel transformed pedaling in place into a high-energy, calorie-blasting,...

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There’s no need for modesty here; I’m going to talk about boobs. It’s not news that boobs bounce around—especially when you’re exercising.

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One of the questions I get asked most often is, "How do you clean your yoga mat?" It's simple for me: I would never put anything on my yoga mat that I wouldn't want on my face.

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There was a lot of groaning happening at a recent Summer Tune Up class led by celebrity trainer Kit...

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Sometimes it's great to focus on a specific body part and really dig deep, but other times it's nice to hit every part of your body so you feel strong and open all over.

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These days, it seems like it's not enough to just have a gym membership. Every week, there's a new studio fitness trend in town, often in boutique-style indoor cycling form.

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If you've watched any of the World Cup being held in Brazil's Amazon, you know that heat and humidity are playing a huge part in this year's games.

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This time of year when you were 11, you were most likely in the arts and crafts tent at summer camp, or shimmying down a water slide.

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