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While it might sound and look more challenging than regular crow pose, side crow is often the more accessible of the two to those who are newer to yoga.

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Sporting strong, well-defined arms is a fitness aspiration of many, and to effectively target the triceps—the muscles in the back of the upper arms—many people find themselves torn...

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Who says Yoga and CrossFit can't go together?

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Just when I thought I couldn't move another muscle, trainer Todd Durkin tasked me with his 10-20-30 challenge.

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If you think only power or vinyasa yoga is good for weight loss and never try restorative yoga, a new study just might change your mind.

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With nearly 10 million CrossFitters worldwide—60 percent of whom are women—

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‪One of the questions I get asked almost on a daily basis is, "What do you do to get arms like that? Surely it can't be just yoga!"

It's 100 percent yoga.

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Let's talk about the voice in your head.

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Prehab may seem like something that’s only important for athletes who make a living off of their physical talents and abilities, but if you want to prevent injuries (and the subsequent...

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Bored of climbing up the hamster wheel of stairs and going nowhere, but want a nice, toned tush? Sometimes it's good to get out of the gym and onto the mat.

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