Fit Foodies

For the fit woman who loves to eat as much as she loves to work out, the SHAPE editors report on the latest culinary and foodie trends to help you cook like a pro, dine well, and stay in shape while you do it!

Chances are that jar of honey sitting in your pantry right now isn’t living up to its full potential.

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The next "super food" may not be an exotic berry or seed—it may the humble banana, thanks to new advancements in genetics that allow farmers to boost fruits' vitamin content.

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The age of gathering ‘round the dinner table may be officially over: A new survey from research group NPD reports that over half of Americans eat breakfast and lunch on their own, and,...

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Ask any college student you've ever met, and they'll tell you: Free food is king.

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In this exclusive video, Tara Stiles, yoga legend and founder of Strala Yoga in...

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Good Morning Paleo opens with the line, “Morning is the best time of day.” If you don’t agree, you may change your mind when you try the gluten-free, grain-free, and impossibly...

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Maybe you indulged in a weekend-long sugar binge or found yourself elbow-deep in birthday cake leftovers at 1 a.m. last night.

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We love the idea of making large-batch servings of our favorite smoothies or juices to save time in the morning, but how do you store...

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The idea of plating a meal with an artistic flourish is hardly new.

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You love wine. You love coffee. Put them together, and you wine?

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