Fit Foodies

For the fit woman who loves to eat as much as she loves to work out, the SHAPE editors report on the latest culinary and foodie trends to help you cook like a pro, dine well, and stay in shape while you do it!

In honor of the birthday of Reddi-wip founder Aaron Lapin, every January 5 is National Whipped Cream Day, a day for celebrating the sweet stuff that turns ice cream into a sundae and...

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Before you pop open the champagne tonight, enjoy a dinner that may make 2013 your best year yet.

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Over did it with the holiday treats? Put down the high-calorie cookies and pick up a low-cal cocktail and relax.

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Happy National Sangria Day!

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This time of year it can feel like you should install a revolving door you have so many guests popping by to drop off gifts, have a drink, or simply say a quick hello because they don't...

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Add a little extra pizzazz to your holiday soirée with the vibrant Pomchi Smash. Fresh raspberries and mint give this drink an appropriate color palette and lots of fresh flavors. 

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For a long time the nutrition community touted the health benefits of olive oil and...

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Hanukkah begins tomorrow night, and if you’re looking for a more sophisticated way to celebrate than the dreidel, try whipping up this simple colada.

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Salads are a staple of the health-conscious, but as the temperature begins to drop, the diet-friendly dish often falls by the wayside as it's harder to find tomatoes that are actually...

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I recently had the opportunity to taste a variety of Noval Black Port cocktails by James Beard Award winner for Outstanding Bar Progra
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