Cross Talk

Lifestyle expert and SHAPE magazine columnist Susan Cross provides advice to help you get organized, feel happy and confident, balance work and family, and stay sane while you attempt to do it all!

I wasn't always a confident person: As a kid I wanted desperately to have a part in the musicals they put on at the local community center.

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Because I am a very positive person, I used to have a terrible time making decisions.

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I've always prided myself on being a master multitasker.

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I start every day by making a new to-do list. It keeps me organized, on task, and accountable.

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When we think of bullying, usually kids on a playground or teens using social media platforms come to mind, not adult neighbors or coworkers in a conference room.

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Don't do anything you're going to be resentful for.

That's the best advice anybody ever gave me, and while it may seem obvious to some of you, for me it was life changing.

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I have always been a very positive person—annoyingly so, depending on whom you ask. I try to see the good in others, even when they seem determined to prove there isn’t any.

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Everyone has a blah day now and then—it’s part of life. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit around waiting for the black cloud to pass over.

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A few years back, I did a community theater musical for charity. As I was putting on my makeup, I began to fixate on a zit that had decided to make its own debut performance.

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Have you ever noticed how nice people are around the holidays?

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