Cross Talk

Lifestyle expert and SHAPE magazine columnist Susan Cross provides advice to help you get organized, feel happy and confident, balance work and family, and stay sane while you attempt to do it all!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it got me to thinking about how important it is to really nurture your most important relationship: the one you have with yourself!

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As a lifestyle editor, I talk a lot about fulfilling dreams. What I know about the subject I learned first-hand because for years I didn’t pursue any of my own dreams.

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I’m a mom of three and I work from home, so jeans and a t-shirt is my uniform. The few designer clothes I own see the light of day so seldom that I tend to forget I have them.

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If you follow this blog and read my "Cross Talk" column in SHAPE magazine, you know that I completely transformed my life by listing.

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The first time I ran with a trainer, she stopped once in a while to ask me how I was doing.

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Almost everyone has a friend who isn’t happy unless she’s miserable—a Debbie Downer. And she could be bringing you down too.

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Although people often tell me that I’m lucky, I don’t believe in luck.

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When my kids were little, convincing them to do things they didn’t like was a real challenge. I found that putting a positive spin on the situation usually did the trick, though.

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Last month my 16-year-old son told me he was thinking about trying out for his high school soccer team. The thing is, he doesn’t play soccer.

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Do you have a minute? How about 15 minutes? If you do, then you have all the time you need to accomplish something really huge.

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