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Everyone wants to be happy—in fact many of us want to be happier than we already are.

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For as many stories as there are touting the benefits of running, occasionally we come across one that says the opposite, such as the recent news of how ...

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When's the last time you got into a fight with your significant other?

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Vaccines have been everywhere in the news lately: There was a rec...

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Most women could point to at least one instance in which their looks have become the target of criticism.

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If you could create the perfect woman, ideal in every way, what would she look like? Frankenstein, apparently.

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Forget what you’ve heard about eating at night making you fat—new research shows a bedtime snack may help you burn more calories.

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You may want to give your guy a little more credit.

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What makes one person a gym junkie and the other a couch potato might come down to science.

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It seems too good to be true that sometimes the best thing for your waistline is your bed and not the gym, but it works.

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