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Scooby-Doo just made a big Scooby-Don't.

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No matter which side of the body-hair debate you fall on, there is one fact that stands: Many women in the world choose to keep their bodies shaved.

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A recent survey out of the U.K.

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Cassey Ho, creator of Pop Pilates, just released an activewear collection called Bodypop.

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We know you're busy (and we are right there with you, girl!), so we'll get right to it this week. And if you get a sec, we'd love to know what news has caught your eyes.

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If you're looking for love, don't blow off hookup apps like Tinder just yet.

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The news can tend to be a downer, but lately—from the plane crash in Ukraine, to Ebola in Africa, to Robin Williams’ untimely death—most will agree it’s been especially depressing.

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Since most 9-to-5s are now more like 8-to-6s, work can make it difficult to score face time with your family.

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You’d assume a marriage in which a partner is cheating is a marriage on its last legs, right?

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We know that the content of our dreams can help decode real-life emotions (e.g., dreaming of your teeth falling out is a classic stress indicator), but apparently the way we...

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