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Hi! I’m Tara, a fashion stylist, image consultant, and a playful mother of two living in New York City, a place that beats with unique style, versatility, and artistic influence.

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Beyond preventing pregnancy, birth control pills have shown to help regulate periods, clear up acne, and even reduce your risk of ovarian cancer. Seems pretty sweet, right?

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Can’t seem to quiet your mind during sex? A new study published in the journal Sexologies says that may hurt your ability to orgasm.

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We already know that nuts are a healthy addition to a diet: They contain protein, fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals, and cholesterol lowering...

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Lululemon's work at patenting its famed yoga mat has paid off: After having a panel of three yoga instrutors test 13 yoga mats, The Wirecutter has named Lululemon's The Mat...

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Gather round, it's time for another news recap. We've got the skinny on new skinnies, the latest in love and rex research, 50 Shades of Grey mania (yes, us too), and more. 

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Hearing a bedtime story may still lull you to sleep as an adult, but it might help more if the reader whispers it.

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We all have that moment before we click “complete purchase” where we question if we’re totally positive we want to buy that sundress.

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The city of Dubai is putting an interesting twist on the expression "worth your weight in gold," with a new program that rewards citizens for losing weight.

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If you're a fan of the Bachelor franchise, you know what the words "fantasy suite" imply.

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