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The Best Bra for Every Type of Breast

According to bra expert Tomima Edmark, there are 8 kinds of ta-tas. Are you putting your best breast forward?

Vitamin B12 Injections: Do You Need Them?

Doctors administer them, and celebs preach their power--but should you roll up your sleeve?

Should You Detox With Dandelion Tea?

Is sipping on a cup of this bitter-tasting root tea the key to feeling your best? Here's what the research says.

The No. 1 Reason Women Cheat

A study reveals what exactly leads to affairs.

Chewable Vitamins: Not Just for Kids!

Tasty chewable supplements are making vitamins easier to swallow. Check out these adult-friendly gummies.

14 Unhealthy Ingredients You're Eating

In light of Europe banning some U.S. apples, find out what other baddies are banned in other countries--but A-okay in the U.S.

Top 10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Safely

Not sure how to lose 10 pounds? Drop that extra weight in 2012 with these easy changes to your diet and workout plan.

If You Have Heavy Periods, This Supplement May Help

New research says women with heavy bleeding can experience improved quality of life and more energy with this vitamin.

Hair-Saving Gym Tricks for Black Women

You don't need to skip your workout to save your (pricey) hair treatment! Just use these tricks and say good-bye to bad hair days for good.

Is Rooibos Tea Better Than Green Tea?

There's a new super-beverage in town, and its name is rooibos tea. Find out why it's surging in popularity.

5 Unique Ways to Make the Most of Your Treadmill

There are so many more things you can do on a treadmill than just run or walk. So, if you've been feeling like the treadmill is more of a dreadmill, try these unique treadmill moves that will help you reinvigorate your workout on the treadmill!

Blast Belly Fat for Good!

Shrink your stomach with this Dr. Oz-approved weight-loss supplement.

The Dark Side of Green Tea

Hold on to your mug--this health-boosting brew may not be as good for you as you think.

Trend to Try: Fashion Sweatpants

Sweats are for more than just the gym now. Find out how to dress your favorite pair up without compromising comfort.

The Rise of Oversize

Here's how to pull off the trend without looking like you're larger than life.

4 Sleep Mistakes Wrecking Your Waistline

Toss these bad habits and effortlessly ditch those extra pounds that tend to creep on when you're skimping on zzzs.

7 Tips to Curb Your Appetite

Staving off hunger pangs, nixing cravings, and losing weight for good is easier than you think.

How Your Period Messes With Your Skin

As if cramps, bloating, fatigue, and mood swings weren't enough, here's how that time of the month can worsen pimples.

Is This the Best Yoga Mat?

Find out which mat was recently ranked No. 1--and four other options equally as great!

Discover What Really Turns You On

Find out what makes you tick and new things to try to make your sex life scorching hot!

When Going Commando Is a Good Idea

Gynecologists often recommend slipping off your panties while you sleep--here's why.

What Really Works to Get Rid of Acne

Give stubborn adult acne the kiss-off for good with these tried-and-true products.

More Women Are Having Babies After Age 35

And experts say being of "advanced maternal age" isn't as risky as you probably think it is.

Is It Bad If You Don't Have a Best Friend?

Sad fact: 1 in 10 women are without a bestie. One expert shares how this lack of close support can impact your life.

Do Those Trendy Facial Exercises Really Work?

No joke, aerobics for your face is a real thing! Read the scoop on how to do it, the benefits, the doubts, and everything in between.

How to Deal with a Clingy Guy

If you've got a needy man like Khloe Kardashian does, here's how to handle it (without dumping him).