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If your office vending machine stocked more nutritious offerings, would you visit it more often?

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Getting skinny will solve all our problems—at least, that's what all the diet ads say.

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This week, Jillian Michaels announced the launch of her first-ever activewear line, Impact by...

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If Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever weren't enough to scare you out of running through tall grass, now there's a new—and very strange—complication from tick bites to worry...

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FIle this under ridiculously cute (and skip that second cup of coffee!): Daydreaming about your partner can literally result in a boost of energy, according to new research published in...

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Meditation may seem like a solo endeavor, but one large-scale event taking place in Toronto today aims to bring together thousands of people to get their zen on—simultaneously.

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TGIF! This week’s fashion blog focus: Separates! I sported the outfit on the left on a Tuesday morning before my kids’ summer camp began, a.k.a. I was on full-time mommy duty.

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The fun police seem to be on patrol in Edmonds School District, a suburb of Seattle, where parents are no longer allowed to bring high-cal desserts to celebrate their kid's birthday with...

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A 26.2 bumper sticker is sometimes something for the bucket list. But imagine doing that 53 times in 53 days.

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Time for another roundup! We've got the latest and greatest headlines in health, happiness, and more. 

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