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There's a good reason you avoid bad habits like smoking, eating crap, being inactive, and binge drinking (well, post-college).

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Your days of popping birth control pills could soon be coming to an end: A proposed new method of contraception may have the ability to be switched on and off via remote control (yep, a...

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Have you been keeping up with the news this week? Today's link roundup is a good one! Tell us: What's caught your eye?

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Today marked the launch of Net-A-Porter's activewear sister site, Net-A-Sporter (that was just too easy).

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Despite America's growing waistlines, popular retailer J.Crew just introduced its newest size, 000—the equivalent of an XXXS. 

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Big news for calorie-counters: Eating less on days when you miss a workout won't necessarily keep you from gaining weight in the long run.

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Smartphones aren't typically seen as reducing stress, but leave it to the tech industry to change that perception.

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Your Facebook habit could harm your relationship status.

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Pop quiz! The party's in full swing and someone hands you a drink. Then your friend wants you to try his latest cocktail concoction. An hour later, you pick up a beer.

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Budgets are tight all over, but next time you get sticker shock at Whole Foods, consider this: Americans spend the least money, percentage-wise, on food out of every country in the world...

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