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Your Facebook habit could harm your relationship status.

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Pop quiz! The party's in full swing and someone hands you a drink. Then your friend wants you to try his latest cocktail concoction. An hour later, you pick up a beer.

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Budgets are tight all over, but next time you get sticker shock at Whole Foods, consider this: Americans spend the least money, percentage-wise, on food out of every country in the world...

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When a friend is dealing with a breakup, a job from hell, or the loss a loved one, your natural reaction is to cheer her up, right?

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We Americans are strange creatures.

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By now you've probably seen the Always #LikeAGirl video from their so-called "social experiment." When we first...

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It's a well-known fact that even though girls start out liking math and science in school, they...

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Birth control may have a bigger impact on your body than you thought: Taking oral contraceptives may “age” your reproductive system, according to a new study presented at the ESHRE...

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Here's a reason to go for the O: After orgasm, people are more likely to have important (and positive!) conversations than people who didn't reach climax, according to a...

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