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One in four Americans never exercise, according to the latest Report on...

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Coming this fall, Katherine Heigel is back on TV with a new show, but it seems people are still more interested in talking about her old work—particularly her reputation...

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If the photo above looks harsh, it's supposed to.

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When it comes to beauty, we fall firmly in the camp of "one size does not fit all." After all, that fire-engine red lipstick that looks dynamite on your best friend might make you look...

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If you've ever forgotten to change your contacts, been a little lazy and didn't rinse them, or fallen asleep in them (and didn't realize it until you woke up the next morning with...

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A new law has Missourians jumping for joy—literally.

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Imagine sitting by yourself with nothing to do but think. It may sound nice, especially on a hectic day.

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Hitting the drive-through after a rip-your-hair-out day isn't something we're proud of, but hey, it happens.

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Could certain forms of contraception increase your risk for breast cancer? A new study published in the journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology seems to think so.

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If you're hoping for some more—er—bang for your buck out of your next sex toy, you might want to consider investing in the new vibrator that also allows you to perform personal check-ups...

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