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Usually when celebrity couples announce they’re divorcing, everyone gossips about potential reasons behind the split.

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With age comes wisdom, but famed feminist activist Gloria Steinem, who turns 80 today, didn't need to go gray to develop and share her extraordinary insight, especially...

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If you want to have a baby but are having a hard time conceiving, don’t stress out—doing so may only make it even harder to grow a bun in the oven, new research says.

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Almost a year after Sheryl Sandberg sparked conversation with the release of Lean In comes Arianna Huffington’s thought-provoking book Thri...

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Too sweet to be true?

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Have you ever worried that someone would recognize you behind your big sunglasses and sex-tousled hair as you slip surreptitiously out the door after...

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Guys have it so much easier, you've heard.

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Need some help making healthier choices this week?

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Cancer is largely believed to be a modern disease: It’s caused by a combination of lifestyle and environmental factors plus the fact that we’re living longer than ever before.

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In crazy medical news today: People believe in medical conspiracies. And we’re not just talking about the folks who swear UFOs are being tracked at Area 51.

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