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New Baby, New Body

What We Should Take Away From the "Hot Mom" Photo

Bloomberg TV anchor and mom of three Stephanie Ruhle shares her candid reaction and the inspirational mantra that's helped her lose the baby weight.

The Only Smartphone App That Motivates Me to Move

If a little friendly competition gets you fired up, download this app today!

The Busy Woman's Dream Workout

This 4-minute miracle workout is the excuse-proof way to burn fat, stoke your metabolism, and boost overall fitness.

The Easiest Low-Carb Breakfast Ever!

You just need 4 ingredients to whip up this tasty egg white quiche in minutes. Watch this video to see how simple it is to make a healthy morning meal.

Are You Fitter Than a 5th Grader?

Stephanie Ruhle decides to find out if her kids complaints are justified by crashing their swim team practice. Find out the surprising outcome!

Friday Night Plans That Do a Body Good

Try Stephanie Ruhle's strateegy for kicking off a fun weekend without feeling like you need to spend Saturday in the gym.

Stop Calling It "Boot Camp!"

Find out why this one simple change can make all the difference when it comes to getting the body you want.

The Real Reason You're Not Losing

Bloomberg TV anchor Stephanie Ruhle pulls from her own experience trying to lose the baby weight and says what you might not want to hear but need to hear. It's the real reason you're not losing weight!

Steal This Flat-Belly Secret from Charlie's Angels

Lose the pooch and shape your buns, hips, and thighs with this Hollywood-inspired move.

What Shred at SLT Taught Me About Dating

While panting through this hardcore workout class, mom blogger Stephanie Ruhle discovered a valuable tip for single men and women.

My "Before" Picture

Just 10 days after giving birth, Stephanie Ruhle is ready to start getting her pre-baby body back. Check out her "before" photo and find out why this time will be much different than her two previous pregnancies.

How to Fit Fitness into a Hectic Fall Schedule

Mom or not, we can all learn something from Stephanie Ruhle's strategy to stay on track during this crazy-busy season.

The Surprising Place I Found My Fitness Muse

Stuck in a workout rut? You might be searching for fitspiration in the wrong places!

The Only Kind of Popsicle That Burns Calories

It may not be your traditional frozen treat, but it'll get you much closer to sculpting the flat, toned stomach you've always wanted.

How to Make PB Banana Pops

In this how-to video, Bloomberg TV anchor Stephanie Ruhle and her 4-year-old son show you how to make peanut butter banana pops, which might be the easiest way to satisfy your sweet tooth totally guilt-free!

The Latest Fitness Trend: Workout Bombing

Your friends will never expect it, but they'll thank you for it later.

Dinner Tonight? Quinoa Stuffed Eggplant!

No time is no excuse for ordering greasy takeout! Stephanie Ruhle and healthy chef Paula Hankin show you how to make a delicious, healthy dinner using eggplant, quinoa, hummus, and hot sauce.

Behind the Scenes at Nike World Headquarters

Is this the fittest company in the world? Stephanie Ruhle went to Portland, Oregon to investigate.

The Real Key to Keep Seeing Results

When summertime activities take over your gym time, you can still keep seeing results! Steal Stephanie Ruhle's workout mantra and you'll be ready to pull on that bikini in no time.

Work Out Less, Get Better Results

If you want to change your body, what you do to exercise isn't as important as how you do it. Find out how Stephanie Ruhle learned to transform a simple tennis game into a serious total-body workout.

Steal These Tricks to Enjoy Halloween Treats

How Bloomberg TV anchor Stephanie Ruhle keeps things in check, without trading traditional candy bars for carob squares.

Lose Weight Without Giving Up Ice Cream

Steal Stephanie Ruhle's strategy for appeasing her kids and her sweet tooth without packing on pounds this summer.

Are You a ProcrastinEATer?

Are you using food to put off doing other things on your to-do list? Find out if you're a procrastineater and how to stop!

How Even the Busiest Moms Can Fit in a Workout

Just two weeks after giving birth, Stephanie Ruhle is finding fun and creative ways to fit in exercise without sacrificing family time--and getting some shocking reactions!

How Much Does a Hot Body Cost?

A fat wallet does make some things in life easier, but being broke is not an excuse for not having the slim, strong body you want. Stephanie Ruhle tells you why.

A Flat-Belly Move Inspired by Italy

This insanely effective exercise is guaranteed to deliver a dose of dolce vita, without the extra side of sausage!