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It's been a crazy few days for celeb makeup artist Francesca Tolot: She did Beyoncé's makeup for the VMAs, ...

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Summer is winding down, and with the end of the season comes an end to (some) summer romances.

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Last month I sidled up to Connie Wang at her desk, crouched down low, and whispered, "I—I think I'm going to get one of those plus-size bikinis.

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The first 15 minutes of a laughter yoga class are rough. Imagine yourself in a room with four adult strangers, looking each other in the face and pretending to laugh.

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The fact that hormones can induce out-of-control eating is not a new idea—PMS-fueled Ben & Jerry's run, anyone?

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In today's news roundup, we've got the latest on your favorite fall drink, a kitchen hack you'll love, and a new app that hopes to make women safer. 

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So you’re an adult now (even if you don’t always feel like one).

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When it comes to getting your groove, on you might want to look to your girlfriends for help: A new study found that lesbians have more orgasms than their straight sisters. 

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If you've ever felt a little guilty about polluting the deep blue with your pale yellow, you can now flush away your concerns: The American Chemical Society has officially declared, once...

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Last night's Emmy's proved to be quite the breeding ground for conversation about the sexism and objectification of women in Hollywood.

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