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Do you ever click over to an ex’s Facebook page and wonder what would have happened if the two of you had ended up together?

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If Guardians of the Galaxy is on your must-watch list, skip the large popcorn.

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Are you reading this on your phone?

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Mind over muffin: It may be possible to train your brain to prefer healthy low-calorie foods over unhealthy, fatty grub, according to a new study in Nutrition & Diabetes.

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This September, we’re talking about sex, baby. Even though we’re all getting busy behind closed doors, many women are still shy to discuss doing the deed in much (if any) detail.

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When it comes to guys, getting off is pretty self-explanatory.

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Poor President Obama. By now, you've probably seen the stories circulating about the (terrible, no good, horrible, very bad) tan suit he wore to yesterday's press conference.

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You may know you’re doing awesome work (and climbing the corporate ladder), but in an ever-shifting job market, that may not be enough.

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Here's some uplifting news to read before you leave for your long weekend: California just became the first state to pass a 'Yes Means Yes' bill that would require all state-funded...

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Happy Labor Day weekend! It's a holiday that fills me with bittersweet feelings, as it marks the end of summer vacation but the beginning of fall fashion reinvention.

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