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Cannabis-Laced Lube Can Help You Have Multiple Orgasms

We’ve heard of pot brownies, but apparently there’s a surprising new way to ingest marijuana: vaginally. Yes, you read that right. Foria, created by the Aphrodite Group, a California group that provides medical marijuana, is a cannabis-infused sensual enhancement oil that claims to increase sexual pleasure, and even promises multiple orgasms. (The name is a play on euphoria.) And considering there are 24 FDA-approved drugs for male sexual pleasure available but none for women, we were intrigued by the news.

Marijuana has been used for centuries by ancient tribes as a medicinal aphrodisiac to increase libido. And according to the Aphrodite Group, testing has shown that women experience a variety of sensations, including feeling hot "down there," swelling of the clitoris, and tingling when using Foria. (Curious what cannabis does to your mind? Check out Your Brain On: Marijuana.)

“For most women, relaxation is a key attribute in the experience of pleasure and arousal. We live in the time and era where we have a lot of residual stresses coursing through our bodies because of modern technology and the pace we’re all living. The body is sort of new to this pace. The body’s been around a lot longer than our iPhones have,” says Foria creator Mathew Gerson. Foria, therefore, is designed to create the relaxation necessary for sensual experience while awakening arousal and heightening sensations, making orgasms more intense and easier to access. But could it really work? While there is no real evidence to support this (medical studies on the effect of marijuana on sex are few and far between), the CB1 receptor—which bonds to THC molecules in marijuana—seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria, says Mitch Earleywine, professor of psychology at the State University of New York at Albany, who studies marijuana.  

The mixture is not used like a standard lubricant, but should be applied to the clitoris, labia, or inside the vagina at least half an hour before sex, so that the active compounds of the drug can be fully activated and absorbed. The elixir costs $88 for 1oz (30ml) or $24 for 5ml, but it is currently only available to residents of California who have a letter from their doctor or a medical marijuana card. (Note: You should always talk to your doctor when using a new product on your vagina.) 

Not in California or just not completely sold? You can get more pleasure out of even the most common sex positions. Just try these tips!

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