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Heavy Drinking and Stress Can Cause Hair Loss, Study Finds


Sure, genetics and age play a big role in hair loss, but turns out so do the decisions you make every day. According to new research, being overly stressed, drinking heavily, spending too much time in the sun and smoking are all major no-nos when it comes to having lots of healthy hair. 

The study, which is scheduled to be presented at the 2011 annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, looked at 90 male and 98 female identical twins. Because twins are genetically destined to have the same number of hairs, researchers could hone in on how lifestyle and environmental factors affected follicles. Overall, they found that healthier behaviors equated to healthier hair. For women specifically, hair loss also seemed to be caused by divorce or having a spouse who died. 

Besides keeping your stress levels down and drinking less, what else can you do to keep your hair healthy? Researchers say that those who wear hats and other sun protection, drink coffee and have a stable marriage all had more hair.

Just another reason to live a healthy lifestyle! Do you worry about hair loss?


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