Make Microwave Meals Healthier
When I don’t have a lot of time to cook and need something quick and healthy to eat, I heat up a diet-friendly frozen dinner. I make sure to check the box and only buy meals that contain less than 300 calories. To make them even more healthy, I’ve been following my nutritionist, Keri Gans’ advice: she suggests adding a side of veggies to my meal to create a more balanced
and filling dinner.

 Here are a few of my favorite frozen entrees:

Creamy rigatoni with broccoli and chicken

Pasta with ricotta and spinach

Ravioli Florentine

Tuna noodle gratin

Lasagna Florentine

Because I’m busy and seek convenience, I buy frozen vegetables that can be microwaved right in the bag. I cook up green beans, broccoli, or carrots, add a pinch of salt, pepper, and oregano, and voila, a tasty meal!

Make Microwave Meals Healthier-2 Our 2012 Weight Loss Diary writer, Yasmin, is a 32-year-old web content producer who is looking to get healthy and love her body! Follow along on her year-long weight loss journey!

Who’s helping Yasmin? Tiara Coaching Life coach Alison Miller, Ph.D, nutritionist Keri Gans, R.D, and Equinox personal trainer Stephanie Pipia.

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